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Enjoy member rate for educational programmes such as annual conference or selected accreditation programmes.

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Be part in shaping MSAE’s future with voting rights during general assembly.


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Full-time staff and office-bearers of an association


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Individual member of an association (Malaysian)


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Individual member of an association (non-Malaysian)


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Organisation or company engaged in business events and supporting services


  1. The annual subscription shall be due and payable to the Association before 31st January of each year to maintain as valid member. A newly admitted member during the year shall pay annual subscription for the unexpired portion of such year, calculated from the first day of the following month in which he is admitted until the 31st day of December of such year.
  2. The membership year shall follow the calendar year commencing from 1st January and expiring on 31st December.
  3. Any member who allows his annual subscription in arrears to exceed 31st January shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf of the Secretary, and he shall be denied the privileges of membership until he settled the full dues.
  4. Any members who allows his annual subscription arrears to exceed 15th February shall automatically ceases as member of the Association and the Committee shall remove his name from the members’ register or may direct legal action to recover the debt provided that he has received due notice of his debt.
  5. The Committee shall fix a re-entrance fee for members whom membership has lapsed through arrears, on his application to re-join the Association.
  6. A special subscription or levies for particular purpose may be raised from members by a resolution of a general meeting. Any member fails to pay such special subscription within such period as may be resolved by general meeting, the amount due shall be treated in the same way as arrears of annual subscription.
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Malaysian Society of Association Executives (MSAE) was established to serve Malaysian association professionals.
Malaysia Society of Association Executives
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